Going West 2012 ~ Part Five : The Space Between

Going West 2012 ~ Part Five : The Space Between

Welcome to the final part in my five part series called “Going West 2012”. This five part blog has chronicled my 12 day trip to Kanab, UT, it’s surrounding adventures and back. Once every couple of years, hopefully more often as I do more of these blogs, I meticulously plan a trip somewhere with the intent of documenting and photographing the trip as well as the destination. So far in the


Going West 2012 ~ Part Four : Goblins, Toad Stools, and Ghosts, Oh My!

One of my goals on this last trip out west was to find the “not so normal”. Sometimes you can plan those destinations out ahead of time, and sometimes, they just find you. During this trip there was equal parts of both. One of the plans was to visit a real ghost town, and if you’ve read my other posts Going West 2012 ~ Part Two and Southwest 2012: Eldorado Canyon Mine you will see that I was fairly successful in that quest. I will warn you, there would be some failure


Going West 2012 ~ Part Three : A Day, and Night in Zion

First thing I want to say is that Zion was one of my favorite spots on this last trip out west. There is a reason this place is often thought of as nature’s cathedral. You truly feel as though you have died and gone to heaven while there. Every vista is majestic and spiritually uplifting. Anyone who knows me knows that I am of agnostic belief. I believe there is a god, but I do not believe that a book, or any one religion can explain it. That is all I want to say about that. I will say


Going West 2012 ~ Part Two : Hotel, Schmotel!

In 2009 I was “forced” out of my mild-mannered job at a local music store due to an economic down-turn and a family owned business that was not ready for the 20th century. I was faced with the decision to hit the bricks or turn my photographic hobby into something real. Well, I am sure you have figured out my path by now and that it has not been an easy one. But when everything is