Pennsylvania Camping

Pennsylvania Camping ~ Ives Run

Pennsylvania Camping, pffft! I will start out this post by saying that I am really a hotel kinda guy.  I love the outdoors,  as well exploring some of the most dark, moldy, disgusting places on earth. But, when I lay my head down, I prefer


Going West 2012 ~ Part Four : Goblins, Toad Stools, and Ghosts, Oh My!

One of my goals on this last trip out west was to find the “not so normal”. Sometimes you can plan those destinations out ahead of time, and sometimes, they just find you. During this trip there was equal parts of both. One of the plans was to visit a real ghost town, and if you’ve read my other posts Going West 2012 ~ Part Two and Southwest 2012: Eldorado Canyon Mine you will see that I was fairly successful in that quest. I will warn you, there would be some failure

A Tale of Two Taughannock Winters

A Tale of Two Taughannock Winters

If you live in the Pennsylvania, Upstate New York area and you are a photographer, you have probably spent some time shooting in many of the wonderful state parks in the area.   With that, many of us have become fair weather photographers.  Whether it be to protect your equipment or your rear end from freezing, winters can put a damper on your shooting frequency.    For me personally, I get stir crazy and have to get out no matter what.