The Big Red Bear

Photographing The Big Red Bear

In June of this year (2012), I organized and held my first Photowalk. It was a huge success with some familiar faces and a lot of new faces showing up to attend the two-part walk. To educate and network was the goal and we achieved that perfectly. One of my long time Flickr acquaintances Barbara F. from Ithaca attended the walk and I got to spend a few moments meeting, shooting, and conversing with her. That conversation ultimately led to this story. Knowing that she was connected with Cornell that day I asked her if it was possible to come take pictures of the amazing architecture there. She obliged by contacting me that next week and we set a date. Due to my crazy schedule though, the only date we could nail down was in the middle of the week during the schools open house. Either way, this was a great opportunity to capture the beauty of the campus.