How to Process 32bit HDR images in Lightroom 4.1

Merge to 32bit HDR in Lightroom

Here is my short tutorial on generating 32bit HDR files in Photomatix and then importing them back into Lightroom 4.1 for super-intuitive editing.



HDRSoft/Photomatix have released a plugin that now supports processing of 32bit HDR files without all the hassle.  You can download it here:


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5 Responses to “Merge to 32bit HDR in Lightroom”

  1. Steve

    Thanks for the Tutorial A.D.


    when I send the bracket to Photomatix and process the 32 Bit Image Pops up but without the save button. If I” X” it close than I’m left with the normal Photomatix processing but the end result is just a 16 Bit TIFF that goes back to LR4.

    Is the a preset I need to set up first?

    • A.D. Wheeler

      Steve, thank you for your question. When you hit the X to close and choose yes to save, the save file as dialog will display. Choose .tif (Floating point TIFF) from the file types to save as. Floating point is a 32bit file. Watch the video again and there is a pop-up annotation at that point that shows you where to look.

  2. Peter

    Fabulous tutorial. Tried it and it worked just fine. Only difference was I use a Mac, and you must be using a PC, so the close X button in the Photomatix processsed image doesn’t show up so you have to choose “SAVE AS” and then select TIF instead of the default .hdr file extension. This saves the file as a 32 bit float and that’s it.

    Once again, thanks for that fabulous tip. AWESOME!

  3. Ron

    I have followed your great tutorial with no problems. However the re-imported image in LR is white whereas your is almost black. In order to get a decent image all of the sliders are almost maxed out to the dark side, including curves. Any ideas or suggestions? I am using 5 or 7 bracketed images.

    • A.D. Wheeler

      This sometimes happens. Pull the image into lightrooms develop module, grab the exposure and pull it down instead of up.



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