Spinning Wool w/Walter Arnold

One pack of steel wool + one 9v battery + one old stone tunnel = an awesome photo shoot! I teamed up with fellow photog Walter Arnold one dark night outside of Elmira NY to film this. I can 100% say do not try this at home! We came completely prepared with our equipment and actually did this while it was raining outside the tunnel to be sure there was no risk of fire. It was totally fun and resulted in some great video and one awesome image! Enjoy!




Music: “The Dark Eternal Night” – By: Dream Theater


Here is my video from the steel wool shoot, shot in 60i HD on a Sony a77v using a Sigma 10-20mm Lens:



My final shot, Sony a77v, Sigma 10-20mm lens, ISO100, 10mm, f/8.0, 20sec exposure


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Here is Walter Arnold’s video, shot in 60i HD on a Nikon D800 using a Sigma 12-24mm Lens:


Music: “Acid Raid” – By: Liquid Tension Experiment



His final shot, Nikon D800, Sigma 12-24mm Mark II lens, ISO100, 12mm, f/8.0, 15sec exposure



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